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New a free SRV DNS record with your server
06-24-2013, 03:52 AM
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Thumbs Up New a free SRV DNS record with your server
We now provide free SRV DNS record with your server. You will ask your self what can I do with this? Well lets us explain.

With a SRV record it is possible to connect to your server without the need to fill in a port number even when it's not the default port number. The SRV record will provide the Minecraft player with the correct address and port number of your server.

You can now create and change your servername that will also update your A + SRV record. See Change your DNS / Servername topic for more information about how to change it.

The A DNS record
A A-DNS record is a dns name that translates to an ip-address. For example: ->

So when you want to connect with FTP to your server you can fill in instead of Or when you use plugins like Dynmap you can use instead of

The SRV DNS record
This record can tell your Minecraft client to connect to which server and the correct port number. For example: -> connect to and port number 25678

You give this SRV address to all your players and use this one on your website. This address they fill in in there Minecraft without a port number.

Why should I use this?
For example. You want to upgrade to a bigger server and you don't have a dedicated ip-address. We will need to move your server to another physical server and you get a new ip and maybe even a new port number. When this happens we will update your SRV record to this new details and all your players will be automatic transfer to your new server details.

You will never loose any players again because of a server ip/port change!!!
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