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Uitleg How to install a plugin on my server
05-13-2013, 11:40 PM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2014 08:32 PM by DMCH-Jethro.)
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How to install a plugin on my server
To install a plugin to your minecraft server you need the following:

* FTP Details
You can find these in your Multicraft panel for more details see our forum topic Where can I find my FTP details

* You need a FTP client to upload your plugin to the server we use Filezilla in this tutorial
Download the Filezilla client from there website Filezilla and install this program and start it.

When you start the program you need to fill in your details
[Image: ?img=221368451265.png]

For example:
[Image: ?img=71368451374.png]

Now press Quickconnect to connect with your FTP server.

Filezilla now connect to the FTP server and fill the right windows with the maps and files that are on your server. You need to place your plugins in the plugins map so open that map.

[Image: ?img=131368451499.png]

Now select your plugins in the left window on your computer and drop them in the right window that is your FTP server.

[Image: ?img=151368451967.png]

Now you wait till all files are copied to the FTP server. When Filezilla is ready you have something like this.

[Image: ?img=191368452032.png]

Now login to the Multicraft panel so we can restart your server. Also make sure you have selected the CraftBukkit JAR file.

[Image: ?img=191368449960.png]

Set the correct JAR file and press SAVE
[Image: ?img=151368452196.png]

Now restart your server and your plugin will be activated.
[Image: ?img=51368452286.png]

Most of the plugins make a map in the plugins map where you can find additional config files. Please read the documentation of the plugin how to configure the plugin.
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