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Uitleg WHMCS Reseller module
03-03-2015, 09:35 PM
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WHMCS Reseller module
How to install and configure our WHMCS Minecraft Reseller module!

Step 1 - Download the module from our website

Unpack the files and place them in your modules/servers/minecraftdmch folder of your WHMCS installation.

Step 2 - Add a server to your WHMCS

In your menu go to Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers and click on Add Server

Now fill in this form the only important fields are:
Name: DMCH Minecraft Hosting
Hostname: the url to the multicraft panel
Maximum No. of Accounts: empty this field
Type: Minecraftdmch
Username: your reseller username
Password: your reseller password

And click the SAVE button to add the server.
[Image: ?img=71425326641.png]

Now click on Create New Group and fill in this forum:
Name: Minecraft

And add the just created server to the right box and click on Save Changes

[Image: ?img=151425326934.png]

Step 3 - Add products

In the menu go to Setup -> Product/Services -> Products/Services

Create a new group by clicking Create a New Group
Fill in the form how you want and click Save Changes when you are ready.

Now click on Create a New Product

Fill in the form and press continue.
[Image: ?img=91425327435.png]

Now adjust all setting as you prefer we only talk about the module settings in this tutorial.

Go to the "Module Settings" and select Minecraftdmch module at Module Name.

Server group: Select the group name you just created for your minecraft servers.

Minecraft Server memory: This is the maximum amount of memory the minecraft server can use.

Default JAR file: This is the JAR file the server will be setup with

Name: The name that is used in the multicraft panel

Minecraft Server slots: The amount of players that can play at the same time on the server

Set ServerPlayers: If your customer can change the amount of slots/players of his server (Yes/No).

[Image: ?img=151425327609.png]

When you are ready click Save Changes

Step 4 - Edit the email templates
In the menu go to Setup -> Email templates here you find 2 new email templates the module created for you.

DMCH Upgrade email a email that will be send to your customer if you up/downgrade there server.

DMCH Welcome Email a email that will be send on the creation of the minecraft server. Don't forget to select this template at your product as Welcome email.

These are the steps that are needed to setup the reseller module and start selling minecraft servers to your customers.

At the orders in your WHMCS panel you can find some extra details about the minecraft server. You can Create / Suspend / Unsuspend / Terminate / Change Package and Change Password also you have a real-time overview of the status of the minecraft server without leaving WHMCS.

[Image: ?img=171425328424.png]
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12-11-2017, 05:03 PM
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RE: WHMCS Reseller module
Thanks for posting the above criteria for downloading WHMCS Reseller module. I have searched many place & platforms for this criteria & found this through this informative forum where i have collected knowledge related to many modules. This make everything clear to me for downloading purpose.

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