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DMCH Donation system for your server - DMCH-Jethro - 11-21-2013 11:54 PM

With the DMCH donation system you can easily create donation packages for you server. When you create a donation package you will get a link to our website where payments can be made by your players. Every payment will add extra days to your server and extend your expire date.

You can find the donation information on our website when you login with your customer details.

Login on our website http://www.dutchminecrafthosting.com/login
[Image: ?img=311372008887.png]

Click on Donation in the menu.
[Image: ?img=131385040604.png]

General Settings
[Image: ?img=31385040776.png]

At "Website / Servername" you fill in your servername or website name. Something that your players can see that these donations are for you.
Banner / URL is a link to a logo or some other picture from your server / website.

When you make any changes hit the red SAVE button.

Let create a new package
[Image: ?img=261385041003.png]

First select the server. Then give this package a name and a description.

At console command(s). You give the commands that must be executed. In this example there will be 2 command:

manuadd {USERNAME} VIP
give {USERNAME} 322 64

The tags that you can use are:
{USERNAME} this is the username / playername of the person that donated.
{EMAIL} this is the email adres of the player who donated.
{AMOUNT} is the amount of euro's the player donated.

Price in Euro: Is the value of the donation. This can't be lower then €2,50.

When you are ready hit the red SAVE button.

When you are done you will find this created package at the "Donate packages"
[Image: ?img=71385041230.png]

There are 4 icons at the end of the line when you mouse over them you will see what every icon will do.

The shopping basket can be used to test a package.
The world icon is the link that you give your players so they can donate.
The pencil is for editing your package.
The red cross is for deleting the package.

Lets test our package by clicking on the basket.
[Image: ?img=281385041438.png]

Now fill in your MC playername and a email address and click the red MAKE DONATION button.

You will see the donation at the bottem by Donations received.
[Image: ?img=141385041547.png]

It will take up 1-5 minute to process the donation. When it's processed you will see:
[Image: ?img=231385041599.png]

You can see under "executed" the commands that are send to your server. Also you receive a email about the donation. An example of this email look likes this:
[Image: ?img=121385041679.png]

When you click on the world icon you will be send to the donation page for this package. This is the page that you give your customers so they can make there donation.
[Image: ?img=111385042031.png]

RE: DMCH Donation system for your server - borbarcki - 01-24-2017 03:28 AM

Beste dmch,

mijn server heeft rond de 450 euro aan donaties gekregen ik zou mijn server graag willen uitbreiden door Bungeecord te gebruiken. Hiervoor wil ik een paar nieuwe servers aanschaffen mijn vraag is dan ook ' Is het mogelijk om met gedoneerd geld nieuwe servers aan te schaffen?'

Alvast bedankt! MVG Julius Meeuwisse

RE: DMCH Donation system for your server - 4130688 - 06-12-2017 02:23 AM

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RE: DMCH Donation system for your server - 4130688 - 09-24-2017 05:15 AM

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RE: DMCH Donation system for your server - 4130688 - 12-08-2017 06:28 PM

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